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Cobberdogs in Our Community

Cobberdogs play an important role in our community. Some are well-loved family pets, whereas others have specific working roles. As awareness of the fabulous Cobberdog grows, more and more are being enlisted to work in schools to support students' wellbeing. Other working roles include therapy and assistance dogs, both of which require suitability testing,  training and certification from recognised organisations.   It’s exciting to see Cobberdogs making a difference to people's lives every day.

Australian Cobberdog - Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

In Australia, a therapy dog is recognised as a dog that takes part in structured, goal-directed interventions that are led by a qualified professional (e.g., allied health worker, teacher, nurse, etc.) The dog is owned by the professional who carefully incorporates animal-assisted interventions into a therapeutic program. 


- An Occupational Therapist might teach a person to regulate their emotions by gently and rhythmically patting the dog.

- A Speech Therapist may build a child's confidence to give verbal commands with greater clarity.

- A Community Practitioner may support a person's willingness to engage in physical activity by playing a game of fetch with the dog. 

School Wellbeing Dogs

The presence of Cobberdogs can significantly contribute  to the overall wellbeing of students and staff in educational settings.  In addition to offering unwavering emotional support, Cobberdogs in schools often serve as a conduit for social interactions. They can facilitate communication and bonding among students and staff members, fostering a sense of community and reducing feelings of isolation. Interacting with Cobberdogs  can enhance concentration and productivity, by providing opportunities for short mental breaks, thus reducing mental fatigue and ultimately benefiting academic and work performance.


- Cobberdogs in schools

- Cobberdogs in TAFE and university

- Cobberdogs in special education

- Cobberdogs in medical training facilities

-Cobberdogs in libraries and other community centres

Australian Cobberdog – School Wellbeing Dogs
Australian Cobberdog – Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs 

An Assistance Dog is an animal that is trained to perform at least three tasks or behaviours which mitigate the effects of a person’s disability, be that physical, intellectual or psychosocial.

It takes approximately 2 years of training until a dog is ready to commence work in an Assistance Role. In Australia, a certified Assistance Dog is the only type of working dog with public access rights (permitted in supermarkets, on aircraft, in restaurants, etc.).


  • Guide Dogs (Seeing Eye Dogs)

  • Medical Alert Dogs (Epilepsy, Diabetes)

  • Hearing Dogs

  • Mobility Assistance Dogs

Additional information about Assistance Dog laws in Australia can be found here.

Advertising and Media


The Australian Cobberdog is proving to be a very versatile breed and engaging with the community in many ways, from family dogs, animal assisted therapies, wellbeing dogs to canine sports and are now sought after for commercial work.

It is no secret the Cobberdog's  luxurious fleece coat and sustained eye contact grabs attention, and with their intelligence and trainability make them a popular canine choice appearing in TV commercials and various advertising campaigns.

Fun Fact:

In 2021 a television game show "The Chase" referenced Australian Cobberdogs as a game show question..


Australian Cobberdog – Advertising and Media
Australian Cobberdog – The Chase
Australian Cobberdog – Pets and Companions

Cobberdogs as Pets/Companions

Australian Cobberdogs make wonderful family pets. Sometimes, pet dogs are also referred to as 'companion dogs', because they really are so much more than just a pet. Australian Cobberdogs are generally 'human-focused', meaning they thoroughly enjoy the company of people. Some Cobberdogs are more active and energetic than others. If you are a family who likes spending time outdoors and going on adventures, you may benefit from a Cobberdog with higher energy levels. Australian Cobberdogs offer unrelenting love, loyalty and laughter. When exposed to other animals in a structured and safe way, Cobberdogs have the propensity to interact positively and safely with other household pets. Cobbers are smart and curious, and with some basic training, will integrate into homes with other pets with ease. Their goofy antics can make even your toughest days better. 


Australian Cobberdog - Outside
Australian Cobberdog - Best Friends
Australian Cobberdog - Farm Friends
Australian Cobberdog - Happy
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