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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Australian Cobberdog?

The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in development in its own right. At some point, every purebred breed came about due to a mix of other breeds.  Similarly, Cobberdogs have a number of very carefully selected breeds in their background and this is how we now have  the robust, intelligent, friendly, goofy and loyal dogs you see today. 

Although Australian Cobberdogs may look similar to some other well-known breeds, it is important to note that they have their own genetic sequence and are neither a groodle nor labradoodle. 

Australian Cobberdog - Walter Therapy Dog

Do Australian Cobberdogs shed?

Dogs that are considered low-shedding typically have specific characteristics that contribute to this trait. Unlike other dog breeds that have fur, Australian Cobberdogs have a hair coat that grows continuously, similar to human hair.

Responsible Cobberdog breeders have a comprehensive knowledge of their dogs' shedding status. While most Australian Cobberdogs are low shedding, there may occasionally be a dog or two who tend to shed more than others in the litter.

Australian Cobberdogs are considered a good choice for people with allergies to pet dander, as there is less loose hair and skin particles; the key components that tend to trigger allergic reactions. It’s important to note that while Australian Cobberdogs are less likely to cause allergies, no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic, and individual reactions can vary. Most breeders are very accommodating of this and will kindly provide you with a sample of their cobberdog’s hair upon request.

Australian Cobberdog - Low Shed Coat
Australian Cobberdog - Puppy Coat
Australian Cobberdog - Hypoallergenic

Will my Cobberdog need grooming?

Australian Cobberdogs have a beautiful silky coat that falls in gentle waves. An adult Cobberdog requires a full groom every 8-12 weeks, with brushing and minor clipping in between. Puppies will require hygiene trims (clipping around their bottom) every few weeks from around 8 weeks of age. Many factors, including your geographical location, could influence how short you have your Cobberdog clipped. People who live in temperate areas tend to keep their Cobbers' coats longer, whereas those who live in tropical regions may have their dog trimmed back over the warmer months. 

Unlike shedding breeds, you will rarely find hair on your clothing or furniture. Ongoing brushing, combing and grooming will minimise tangles and mats that are often associated with low shedding dogs.

Australian Cobberdog - Grooming

Do Australian Cobberdogs need much exercise?

Cobberdogs need regular exercise and plenty of mental stimulation. The amount of exercise and stimulation your dog requires will depend on its size, age, overall health, and time it spends interacting with humans or other dogs.  Because of their high intelligence, Cobberdogs respond well to challenges and puzzles. By providing opportunities for your dog to work hard for treats, use their sense of smell to find bones, etc, it will reduce the likelihood of destructive behaviours that often stem from boredom. 

Australian Cobberdog - Exercise
Australian Cobberdog - Playing
Australian Cobberdog - Walking

Do Australian Cobberdogs need training?

Yes. Cobberdogs are extremely intelligent and thrive when trained from a young age. Cobberdogs do not come trained for a specific role, rather it is the responsibility of the owner to pursue this with a qualified trainer when the puppy has reached an appropriate age. It is important to remember that puppies will be puppies and like any other breed they can be boisterous and a big barrel of fun. If you have a specific role in mind for your puppy, please ensure you provide the breeder with as much information as possible so they diligently try to match you up with the most suitable puppy. Australian Cobberdogs learn very quickly, so consistency in training is key, and should continue well into adulthood.

Australian Cobberdog - Training
Australian Cobberdog - Obedience
Australian Cobberdog - Puppy Training
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