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One of the best features of Australian Cobberdogs is their luxurious, silky, low-shedding coat. Regular grooming is essential for Cobberdogs in order to maintain their coat health, prevent discomfort, and ensure they remain a suitable choice for individuals with allergies. It also contributes to their overall well-being and keeps them looking their absolute best. 

Tutorial videos coming soon!

Full Coat

- Trimmed around the eyes

- Trimmed under paw pads 

- Shaved under the ears to promote air flow

**Keeping your cobberdog in a full coat takes a lot of dedication and daily maintenance.  A thorough line brush to the skin at least weekly.  Whilst the full coat looks magnificent when well kept, you also need to be practical from the dogs perspective, in summer your dog would easily overheat in a full coat unless kept inside under the air conditioning,  Many owners opt to clip the dog shorter for summer and then let it grow for winter.  

Cobberdog Clip

- Trimmed around the eyes and across the bridge of the nose

- Trimmed under the paw pads

- Short clip across the top of the dog (from the neck down to the tail)

- Longer hair down the legs

** This is a great clip that gives the illusion of a full coat whilst be more comfortable for your dog and cooler in summer.  You will still need to be vigilant with legs and line brush to skin weekly. 

Short/Summer Clip

- Clipped short all over

- Trimmed underfoot

- Shaved under the ears

- Muzzle area may or may not be trimmed shorter

** This clip is perfect for dogs who live in hot climates, swim regularly or for owners who do not have time to maintain the longer coat.  Your dog will be comfortable and feel fabulous for summer.  

Puppy Coats

- Are silky and fine to the touch

- Tend to thicken as their adult coat 'comes in'

- Requires regular brushing and combing during the transition from puppy coat to adult coat (as knots more easily form)

- Should have their eye windows and hygiene areas trimmed every fortnight

** nothing beats the look of a beautiful puppy coat, silky and the just right teddy bear length.  Brush weekly, which is especially important to desensitise your puppy to grooming, remember you bought a non or low shedding dog, which will require a lifetime of clipping and brushing.  

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